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Life Expectancy is Now 64, Expect a Steep Decline

Generally good crops have doubled the population of England to nearly 6 million souls in the last century. Europe populations have tripled. The life expectancy for this period of growth has been 64 years old, but this will be as large as the population will get for several centuries to come. The Black Plague will sweep across Europe and England like wild fire and kill off 23% of the world population. Life expectancy will drop to 45 years old in the 1300s. But for now, life is good. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Although it is possible to live to a ripe old age in the Middle Ages, it barely makes sense to compare life expectancy numbers from then to now because of higher infant mortality in the Middle Ages. If Grandpa lives to be 80 years old but baby Timmy lives to be 1 month old, the average life expectancy between the two is 40 years old. It is better to compare life expectancy from 12 years old on and avoid infant mortality from skewing the results. Also it is better to track male and female lifespans separately because during the Middle Ages women often died young in childbirth while men often died young in battle and they are not comparable risks.

The Mongols Are Weapons of Mass Destruction

The recent census figures show the Chinese population at roughly 60 million. This is a decline of ABOUT HALF from the census taken before the Mongol invasion in 1200. Estimates at that time range from 115 million to 123 million in population. You could set off atomic bombs in China and not get as many deaths. The rule of the Mongols has taken a terrible toll. [6] [7]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
As Dan Carlin says, "Minimizing the deaths [caused by the Mongols] is like minimizing the deaths caused by the Nazis." So let's not minimize it. The Mongols were WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, especially under Genghis Khan. As I understand the killing procedure... the Mongols would overrun a city. Anyone with special abilities was spared. Anyone leftover was judged by height. Short people lived. Tall people were assigned to a single Mongol warrior in lots of ten to fifty, marched out to a field and beheaded. [8]

Braveheart and the Last Knight

Shortly after the win at the Stirling Bridge, Sir William "Braveheart" Wallace sent a letter to King Philip IV of France asking for help. Now King Philip has given Sir Wallace a letter of introduction to the Pope. This will result in the Pope appealing to King Edward I of England. King Edward must rethink his tactics anyway. Even though Sir Wallace lost their last encounter at the Battle of Falkirk, Wallace rendered the King's Knights useless... using lowly pike-men. The Last Knight is not yet on the field but once this tactic is perfected, he will become The Last Knight. [9] [10] [11] [12]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Wallace hit on a tactical innovation using pike-men in a box formation. This is somewhat like avoiding an opponent's swing, by having longer arms to hold him at bay. For now it is a defensive tactic but eventually it will render useless the mounted, armored knight as the "Abram's Tank" of the Middle Ages. [13]

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