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Budweiser Beer Begins... Yes... THAT Budweiser

Budweis, Bohemia is established in what is today the Czech Republic. King Ottokar II grants the city burghers the right to brew beer. Home brewing will begin with a production brewery opening in 1895. In 1876 Adolphus Busch will visit the region and will create a Bohemian-style beer called Budweiser meaning "from Budweis". Trademark disputes continue to this day. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
No wonder they call it "Bud". The American company must get a law suit every time they call it Budweiser. It is somewhat the equivalent of calling a beer brewed in Pittsburgh, "From Pittsburgh". You can't trademark a general phrase like that.

Earl Has His Best and Worst Year EVER

After winning the Second Barons' War, Simon de Monteforte conducts the first meeting of the elected Parliament in the Palace of Westminster, also known as the House of Commons but later in the year, Edward I escapes and retakes the throne of England, defeating Simon's forces. Simon is cut into several large pieces. Simon's Parliament is dissolved but it is considered the first English Parliament in the modern sense of the word. [4] [5]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
As King Edward I of England, Edward will convene Parliament in a manner virtually the same way that Simon did. Simon was an amazing man but too soon.

Khan Sends a Delegation to Japan

The Japanese Emperor is told "tribute or else." It is to be an ill-fated campaign for Kublai Khan, but that is in the future. For now, it is a nice outing for his delegation, looting all the way. [6]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
I am reminded of an ancient Ionian commander who was master of the Greek seas but he aspired to conquer the lands beyond Greece. (Please don't ask for a citation because it escapes me.) He was then asked by one of his fellows what would happen if a general who was good at land battles would build ships and come after him at sea. The commander said he would destroy him utterly because he would not know battle at sea... and then he got the point. Kublai Khan will never get the point.

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