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Contributed by Southpaw Ben

My Take by Southpaw Ben

Training the New Guy

Contributed by David Verne

Augustus will turn 74 this year and begins the process of handing over power to his heir, Tiberius. Tiberius has been busy ensuring that Gaul stays safe from German incursions and seems content to stay on the Roman side of the Rhine. Augustus requests that the Senate give Tiberius command over all legions and provinces, essentially making him emperor in all but name. Tiberius also begins to attend Senate meetings in Augustus' place. [1]

My Take by David Verne
A smooth transition of power is a necessity for a state. It meant that things would go on normally and nobody got killed. Unfortunately, there wasn't always a clear successor. This had already and will continue to lead to numerous civil wars that will nearly tear the Empire apart.

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  1. 12 AD.

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