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Trajan's Bridge

Contributed by David Verne

After returning to Rome, Trajan celebrates a Triumph for his victory over the Dacians. He was keenly aware of the lack of total victory and the need to prepare for a potential second war. Trajan instructs his chief architect, Apollodorus of Damascus to build a bridge across the Danube River. Construction starts this year and will take two years to complete. At completion Trajan's Bridge will be 3,742 ft long, and will hold the record of the longest bridge for almost 1,000 years. The bridge wasn't the only preparation that the Romans took for a potential campaign, and canals were dug to bypass rapids and allow ships to navigate the river [1]

My Take by David Verne
One of the ways that the Romans conquered foreign peoples was through their engineering feats. The Rhine and Danube rivers were long considered the northern border of the Empire because they were large enough to sail supply ships on and acted as a natural defense for both the Romans and the barbarian tribes. When the Romans built bridges across these rivers, they took away the barbarians ability to use them as defense.

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