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A Tenuous Peace

Contributed by David Verne

While the Romans are recovering during the winter, Decebalus decides to launch an attack into Roman territory. The frozen Danube wasn't thick enough, and the ice cracked during the crossing, with the river swallowing many of his men. After a brief battle, the Dacians were forced to retreat. As soon as spring arrived, Trajan divided his army into two columns planning on linking up several miles from the Dacian capital. It was a hard fought affair, but the Romans reached the capital and began besiege the city. Decebalus sent out envoys asking for peace terms, and after some neogtiation, Trajan agreed to peace. The peace terms stated that Decebalus must give up the military equipment and advisers sent under the peace established by Domitian, Decebalus had to surrender a portion of his territory, to demolish remaining forts, and was forbidden from pursuing an independent foreign policy. [1] [2]

My Take by David Verne
Trajan was willing to make peace with the Dacians, but he didn't trust them. The border remained on high alert and none of the legions were sent back to their original stations. It was good that Trajan did because almost immediatly, Decebalus began rebuilding his military and forts and welcomed Roman enemies and deserters into his ranks. He saw peace as just a way to buy time.

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